At Nexus, our engineers are highly experienced at analysing damage to entire structures including roofs, foundations, exterior walls and other components as a result of severe storms, floods, hail and other natural disasters.

From understanding soil conditions to analysing construction errors and analysing weather-related issues, all potentially contributing factors are considered.

Regardless of the cause, it’s important to engage a qualified civil and/or structural forensic engineer to determine the extent of the property damage and the best course of action, through:

  • Forensic analysis of failed components
  • Defective construction investigations
  • Flood, fire and storm impacted assessments
  • Subsidence evaluations and investigations
  • Failed retaining wall investigations and redesign
  • Swimming pool defects
  • Digital Level surveys
  • Structural, Civil and geotechnical investigation
  • Concrete reinforcing identification

Building materials and components respond to weather and outside influences differently throughout their life. By engaging a qualified engineer before there’s a problem, you can:

  • Improve maintenance outcomes
  • Increase durability
  • Reduce the risk of structural and non-structural failures
  • Ensure your building meets energy and heating goals


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