We may take it for granted, but the humble roof protects our homes and businesses and all our belongings from the elements.

When a roofing system is compromised due to storm, fire, or other damage, it’s important to protect your assets and seek urgent help from a qualified roofing professional.

Storms and fires frequently occur during the middle of the night, often in difficult weather conditions. It’s important to have an action plan so that you can respond quickly in an emergency and get the help you need to minimise damage.

In Southeast Queensland, we regularly experience tropical weather events and cyclones which result in damage to property and roof destruction. During these times, quick action is even more critical as many others will also require assistance.

Nexus Services are available 24/7 and can be onsite quickly to “make safe” your property by installing protective coverings to secure the roof and prevent further water infiltration. If safe to do so, temporary repairs can be carried out on the spot, before a comprehensive assessment of the structural damage can be carried out and your quality roof repair or replacement completed.

Call Nexus for your emergency roofing needs, we provide:

  • 24/7 onsite response
  • Make safe to prevent further damage to roof and interiors
  • Temporary repairs of storm damage, especially where full repairs may need longer assessment times
  • Insurance, Real Estate, Commercial and Residential support
  • All inspections and reporting
  • Gutter repair and/or replacement
  • All types of roofing (tile, colorbond, etc)

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Nexus will secure your damaged property and deliver emergency support 24/7.

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